2023 Hospital Policy

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At Animal Hospital of Lakewood Ranch, pet quality care and safety are our utmost priority.

We understand that things happen, but the repercussions from these actions have consequences on the ones we’ve sworn to protect—our precious pets.

We try to see as many of our patients as possible in a timely fashion, and no-shows spots could be passed on to other pets needing to be seen that day.

We require *all appointments to be confirmed by the close of business day, the day before the visit. If that doesn’t happen, the appointment will automatically be canceled. 

  • *This includes veterinary visits, surgical procedures, and technician appointments.
  • Our team will reach out to remind you and confirm your upcoming appointments; please confirm to maintain.

If we receive two no-call no-shows or two no-notice cancellations within a 60-day period, clients will have to pay a $75 deposit at the time of the next appointment booking.

All cats are required to be brought into our hospital in a carrierIf you bring your cat to their appointment without them being in a carrier, they will not be seen.

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We always aim to see as many of our clients' smiles and their fur families without delay; we hope you understand that this policy will help us achieve that goal.

Please reach out to us at (941) 751-0101 with any questions you may have about this new policy. We look forward to seeing you and your pets soon!